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Father God, I ask You now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to separate my spirit, soul and body as well as my mind, will and emotions from the connection to and influence of all people, places, things or occurrences in time that have influenced me and my identity since conception.


This includes…..Belief systems and mind sets; ideals, concepts and philosophies; ungodly pathways and structures of living, thinking, processing and reacting; all imprinting, patterns, habits, compulsions, obcessions and addictions, lust, mammon, and fantasy; traditions and doctrines of men and social and religious systems as well as all heresy and false worship; manipulation and mind control, demonic interjects and programming; as well as ungodly ties through dedications, pledges, contracts, agreements or vows; all obligation to performance, perfectionism and legalism; opinion, critical and negative thinking, debate, judgemental-ism, and control, as well as false piety (nice-ness).


I renounce all ungodly ties to family, friends, pets, food, books and the internet as well as sexual partners, physical, emotional and spiritual abusers; leaders including parents, teachers, childcare or babysitters, employers or spiritual leaders, classmates or fellow workers, medical, law enforcement or military personnel; celebrities, musicians and music, media and games, chat rooms and social media relationships as well as ungodly impartations through sound or visual imagery including pornography in all forms. I renounce all ungodly ties to New Age or occult practices or leaders, Humanisim, yoga and martial arts, astrology, psychics and secret societies.


I disconnect from all land, buildings and trauma bonds associated with accidents, procedures or ceremonies as well as trauma bonds to occurrences in time and people.


I now ask that these connections, which were created and opened between me and all people, places, things and occurrences, would now be closed, all doors locked and all negative effects canceled.


I ask that all parts of me that were taken into any other spiritual or imagination realms or dimensions would now be returned to me, cleansed by the Blood of Jesus; realigned and re-consecrated so that I can be that one person; spirit, soul, body that You, Father, created me to be with nothing added or removed outside of Your intention.


I also receive back all spiritual and legal rights to my God-created image and my individual unique voice-print. I claim and receive the Restoration of all Intellectual, Financial, Creative and Spiritual ‘Properties’ and any patents resulting from the originality that was given by the Creator to me and my family line with clear title, no infringements remaining and all accrued interest.


I now release and send all parts of any other person's spirit, soul, body or belief systems that have connected to me back to where they came from. I sever all attachments to people, places, things and beliefs and declare that no permanent connection can remain outside the will of God.


I receive the cleansing of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over all the elements and aspects of my being. I apply the work of His Cross as a seal over all doors and windows connected to my life. I ask that all keys of authority and permission pertaining to my life and personhood would now be returned to the care and authority of Jesus Christ. I thank You, Lord, that no weapon formed against me can prosper as I commit to walk in the pathways of Your leading for my life.
Lord, I thank You for cleansing me and all of my interactions with people, places, things, and time of all defilements received and for canceling future assignments of the enemy in my life and those I have been in relationship with. I ask You, Holy Spirit, to keep us under the Grace of the Blood’s Redemptive power so the enemy can not have a place to hinder our callings and destiny as we continue to do Your will.

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