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I thankfully acknowledge and receive the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Power of His completed work on the Cross of Calvary into and over my own life and that of my bloodline family members as well as my spouse and their bloodline family members.

I apply the Power of Christ’s Intercessory Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension over the Doorposts (Vertical) and Lintels (Horizontal Aspects) of my life. I receive this Justifying, Reconciling, Propitiating, Regenerating, Healing, Delivering, Cleansing, Sanctifying, Consecrating and Protecting Power into and over my life.

I appropriate the Blood’s effect over the molecular elements of my Created Being, my Spirit, Soul, and Body; over my mind, will, and emotions as well as over my conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds.

I Apply the Blood of Jesus over my thoughts, words, and deeds/actions as well as the motivations and intents of my heart and over all my relationships past, present, and future and the Metron and Sphere of Authority and Influence that Father has released to me at this time.

I apply the finished work of the Cross over my health, finances, possessions, lands and every area of life where Father intends Blessing and Freedom for me and where the enemy afflicts and robs me.

As I open my spirit and soul to be schooled, trained, counseled or ministered to or to teach, train or minister to others, I ask that Jesus Blood and Cross would be a filter of selection and protection over what flows into or through me.

Holy Spirit, I surrender my entire life to you today, and I ask You to do for me and through me what I cannot do for myself and that You will continue to lead, guide, direct, correct and protect me in all of the paths of Your choosing for my life.

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