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Father God, I now ask You, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to separate me, spirit, soul, body, mind, will and emotions from connection and the influence of all people, places or things; belief systems, ideas or concepts, occurrences in time or trauma bonds that have effected me and my identity since conception.


I now ask that all these connections that were created and opened would now be closed and those doors locked.


I ask that any and all parts of me that were taken into any other spiritual or imagination realms or dimensions would now be returned to me, cleansed by the blood of Jesus, realigned and re-consecrated so I can continue to be the one person; spirit, soul and body that I have been created to be with nothing added or removed outside of Your intention.


I now release and send any and all parts of any other person's spirit, soul or body that connected to me, back to where it came from. And I sever all connections with those places, things, persons or belief systems and declare that no permanent connection can remain between them and me outside of the will of God.


I declare that anything that has attached itself to me in life or through ministry must now leave me and leave these premises and go to the feet of the Lord Jesus and never return to me again.


I receive the cleansing of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over all the elements of my being. I place His Cross as a seal over all the doors and widows connected to my life. I ask that any and all keys of authority and permission pertaining to my life and personhood would now be returned to the care and authority of Jesus Christ.


Father, I ask that no weapon formed against me would prosper, as I commit to walk in the pathways of your leading.


Lord, I thank You for cleansing me and all of my interactions with people, places or things of any possible defilement that we may have received. I thank You for canceling all future assignments of the enemy in my life and the lives of those I have ministered to or have been in relationship with and our descendants to a thousand generations. I ask You, Lord, to keep us under Your Blood's redemptive power so the enemy can never have a place to hinder our callings and destiny as we continue to do Your will.

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